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Our Mission

Bigger than just access to art and technology our mission is to empower North Omaha students to get jobs, pursue scholarships, or start their own business in the Arts and Sciences. To do this Makr uses a strength based mentorship model and a hands on approach with collaboration from mentors and peers building our students up and empowering them.

The Makr Track

The Makr Track is a three stage program that launches our students into success, starting with high school freshman all the way through senior year. Our goal is to help students build both skills and a portfolio needed to get jobs, scholarships, or launch into their own business.


Learners are all about exploration, learning of basic skills, and critical thinking. This opens up our students to get a feel for what they want to do as we begin providing training on equipment and tools to start making basic projects.


Doers start to focus on specific skills, learning from professionals and experts. Our Students start growing their skills and find their potential through more advanced creative projects.


Makers are where things really take off. Our students start focusing on their skills, both hard and soft. By using these skills, they create projects they never knew they could accomplish. Our mentors and experts empower them to take the next steps to start businesses, receive scholarships, and find jobs. 

Mobile Workshops

Our mobile workshops are great tools to get youth interested in the art and sciences. These simple but fun workshops for middle and high school student teach both fun and practical skills the students can take into their homes and schools. 


Cardbot is our first mobile workshop launching this summer. Our cardbots are simple cardboard robots that teach basic circuits and expand their knowledge of how technology works. This is done all while having fun getting to build and decorate their own robots.

Art Shop

Our art shop workshops are designed to help teach youth what creativity is and that the end result doesn't need to be perfect. More details to come as we launch later this summer.

The Future

As we grow our volunteer base and add different skills, we will be able to add a wider range of workshops. If you have ideas or want to lend your skills or talents contact us below.

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